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Ordering Information
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I am unable to take orders at this time. My wife and I are moving back to North Carolina and my shop will be closed for an indefinite time. Please check back in the future.
18 inches long and between 2.5 and 3 inches tall. Shelf is 4 inches wide.
Shelves are available in White or Bone
Colors can be matched to colors from any paint manufacture - Call for a Quote
Finish is a Waterborne 100% Acrylic    Shelves are Poplar Or Poplar and Pine
Shelves Come with Wooden Hangers and Installation Hardware

Styles A, B, and C are $38.50 each
Shipping: $12.50

Styles D, E, and F are $45.00 each
Shipping: $12.50

Shelves To Right Are
6 feet long and 7 1/2 inches wide
Pine Casement Shelf - Six Feet Long - Stain and Varnish Finish

Shelf at right is pine with golden pecan stain and Old Masters
spar varnish topcoat.

Custom lengths and profiles
available upon request.

As shown:   $165
Shipping: $28.50
Call for Quotes On Custom Pieces
Pine With 100% Acrylic Paint Finish -- Benjamine Moore -- Bone White

To Right: Water Based 100% Acrylic finish -- Benjamin Moores Bone. This finish can match any paint color from any manufacturer.

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Please contact me for pricing and other information for shelves below

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